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An Introduction to Bingo

What is Bingo? Bingo is a game of chance where randomly-selected numbers are drawn and players match those numbers to those printed on cards. The first person to have a card where the drawn numbers form a specified pattern is the winner and calls out "Bingo!" to alert others to the win. While Bingo has been a popular game in the UK for many years only recently has it made it's way onto the Internet.

A bit of Bingo History. Bingo can be traced back to a game called Lotto, played in Italy in 1530. The bingo name comes from a corruption of the name Beano, the name of a form of bingo played in the United States in the 1920s. Beano was so called because beans were used to cover the numbers.

How do you play? Each bingo player is given a card marked with a grid containing a unique combination of numbers and, in some countries, blank spaces. The winning pattern to be formed on the card is announced. On each turn, a non-player known as the caller randomly selects a numbered ball from a container and announces the number to all the players. The ball is then set aside so that it cannot be chosen again. Each player searches his card for the called number, and if he finds it, marks it. The element of skill in the game is the ability to search one's card for the called number in the short time before the next number is called.

The caller continues to select and announce numbers until the first player forms the agreed pattern(one line, two lines, full house) on their card and shouts out the name of the pattern or bingo. One of the most common patterns, called house in the United Kingdom and Australia and full card, blackout and cover-all in Canada and the United States, simply consists of marking all the numbers on the card. Other common Canadian and American patterns are single line, two lines, centre cross, L, Y, inner square (4 × 4), roving square (3 × 3), and roving kite (a 3 × 3 diamond).

Now that we've explained the game and how to play, read on for the details of the types of Bonuses you can get when you play online.


Bingo Bonuses - Free Bingo Money

Now that you've learned how to play Bingo there are a wealth of Bonuses and Free Bingo Money offers out there, we explain the different types of bonuses below and review some great details for some of the UK's more respected Online Bingo Halls.

Sign Up Bonuses are basically Free Bingo Money, when you sign up to you'll get a few pounds to try the games without any risk, often you won't even need to register a credit/debit card to get these bonues. Example of Bingo sites that give these bonuses are Astro Bingo and Virgin Bingo.

Deposit Bonuses are bonuses given when you add real money to your account, generally these are only offered once and are a fixed amount regardless of how much you deposit. Mecca Bingo offer a £10 deposit Bonus to all new members.

Match Bonuses are given when your deposit money, either for the first or subsiquent times. Generally they are a percentage of your deposit, sometimes even 100%, but often have conditions of how many times you must play the bonus before you can withdraw it.

Other Bonuses are provided, these can be things like free gifts given randomly to uses playing for real money on the site, or monthly bonuses to inactive users back to the site. AstroBingo.co.uk often gives away gifts to it's users.


Virgin Bingo Free £1 Welcome Bonus

For a limited time, all new Virgin Bingo Online registrants will receive a £1 Welcome Bonus placed in their account upon registration. This bonus is provided to allow you the opportunity to try the game before making your first deposit. This will be immediately placed in your account upon successful sign-up.

All new players are also welcomed with an additional deposit bonus which will exactly match the amount of any deposit you make, up to a maximum of £125 for all first-time depositors. This First Deposit Bonus will be placed in your account after you have spent an amount equal to the First Deposit Bonus wagering on the Games.

Here's what Virgin Bingo has to say about itself:
Virgin Bingo is part of the Virgin Games family and is wholly owned by the Virgin Group. Quite simply we believe that gaming should be fun and entertaining. It should be rewarding whether you win or lose. That's why at this site you can play the best bingo, slots and video poker around, and we will offer unique prizes unobtainable on any other sites - we want you to have a great time. Of course you can win cash, but look out for the games where there are Virgin products and services on offer too! Because we're a Virgin company you can trust us, and we'll keep all your details safe and secure. So all you need to do is enjoy yourself. Let the Bingo Games begin!

New! Saturday Night Fever £10,000 Jackpot. It's sizzling, it's scorching and it's fit to burst. Let Virgin Bingo leave you breathless this Saturday night with the all new Saturday Night Fever £10,000 Jackpot! With games costing just 10p, you could win the £10,000 top prize, and there are great consolation pots too! That's not all, we give you 6 chances to win this massive jackpot running from 9pm through to 2am every hour on the hour. To win the top prize all you have to is be the first to hit full-house in 37 calls or less. Let Virgin Bingo give you a fever every Saturday night.

Visit Virgin Bingo, £1 Weclome Bonus & £125 Deposit Match Bonus.


Bingos.co.uk Free £140 Deposit Bonus

Bingos.co.uk is the latest 'next generation' online bingo site to offer true UK 90 ball bingo. New members get a very generous £140 welcome bonus and cracking chat facilities to meet and greet new and old friends. You're also in for a real treat when you start to play as not only are the bingo games stunning, but Bingos also features superb slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker games, all under one roof! The games are no download so you can be playing within seconds and the graphics and speed are super to boot.

Heres what Bingos.co.uk has to say about itself:
Bingos.co.uk is owned and operated by Euro Gaming Ltd., a registered company located in 66 Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 09, Malta. It is licensed by the government of Malta. As a full member of the European Union, Malta represents a modern sophisticated jurisdiction for online gaming licenses. Players at bingos.co.uk can play with the absolute security that the site is honest, trustworthy, secure and regulated within a modern jurisdiction. Our software is developed and maintained by Parlay Entertainment Ltd, a leading online gaming software company. Parlay Entertainment Ltd is part of the DCEG group of companies, a publicly traded company. Visit www.parlaygroup.com for more information.

Bingos.co.uk guarantees a fair, secure and confidential gambling environment. We utilise the most advanced encryption, data protection methods and standards. All transactions and other data submitted including personal player data is completely secure and uses Thawte's Digital Certificates. Thawte is the world's second largest Certification Authority, trusted since 1996.

We guarantee customer's privacy and that all details are kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or distributed to any third parties. We are also committed to responsible gambling practices and closely monitor activity to identify issues such as problem and underage gambling.

Join Bingos.co.uk and get up to £140 Deposit Bonus.


AstroBingo.co.uk - Free £5 Sign Up Bonus

Not only do Astrobingo.co.uk offer all new members £5 to enjoy their site (even before you deposit any money), when you do decide you want to deposit they'll give you a 105% Bonus.

Heres what AstroBingo has to say for itself:
Online Bingo is the latest online entertainment available in the Internet. Fun, Excitement and Community are the three main attributes of online bingo. Similar to land based bingo, players buy bingo cards with pre-determined numbers. A particular pattern for each bingo game is chosen as the reference. Cards can be manually or automatically marked (daubed) according to the randomly computer generated numbers called. The first player(s) who correctly matches the specified pattern has bingo. The Bingo will automatically register within the bingo system, even if the player is away from the computer or loses their Internet connection.

Bingo prize comes from a pot made up of the purchase sales of bingo cards from each game. Online bingo is a game of probabilities. The more cards one purchases, the higher the probability one can win. The more cards there are in the purchase of a particular game, the higher the jackpot of the game will be.

Most importantly, online bingo is a community based entertainment. While playing bingo, one can also stay in the chat room to communicate with other bingo players. There are Chat Moderators offering chat room games also for the online players to participate. One can win more prizes on top of the bingo prizes.

Check out AstroBingo.co.uk, the most exciting and all NEW UK online bingo site.


FoxyBingo.com - £2 Free Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus. Sign up today and get £2 FREE - that's up to 20 free cards to try the game. You must click the link in your registration email to activate your welcome bonus.

First Deposit Bonus. Get a 100% bonus with your first deposit of at least £20 at Foxy Bingo, up to a maximum of £150.

Standard Deposit Bonus. You also get 50% extra with ALL your subsequent deposits of at least £20, up to a maximum of £50.

Join FoxyBingo.com.


Mecca Bingo £10 Deposit Bonus

Mecca Games (which you'll probably know from Mecca Bingo on your highstreet), offer a number of different online bingo games which are summerised below. Mecca Games are also giving a £10 deposit bonus to all new members.

MECCA FORTUNE - Make a fortune with our fantastic multi-player bingo game. Select your bingo card of 15 numbers and play against 1-8 contestants. The more opponents you manage to defeat, the more you win.

BINGO-KENO SUPER-JACKPOT - Our most popular game with the Jackpot feature that has made loads of money for several lucky customers.

CASHLINE - In bingo halls around the UK 1,000's of people play Cashline every day. Now you can play the online version with our own caller.

MILLIONAIRE BINGO - The chance to win £1,000,000 from just a £1 stake - too good to miss!
PEARLS OF THE OCEAN - The more of your 15 numbers that match the 20 pearls drawn, the more you win! Look out for our very own number marking sucker fish!

NEPTUNES KENO A fixed odds, under water adventure. Select your stake and then choose up to 15 numbers. Neptune will then send out golden rings, which land on the number board at random.

NATIONAL KENO Study the form and see if you can pick out some winners in this fun day out at the races, choose up to 8 riders on the main board of 40 and cheer them on to the finish line.

To claim your free bet simply register and once you have played your first game for real money, Mecca Games will give you an extra £10 to play with, which will be credited to your account within 24 hours. Good luck!

Register at Mecca Games, and get a £10 Bonus when you deposit.


Bingo Liner

If you're bored of playing the same bingo software simply at different sites, we strongly recommend that you try Bingo Liner UK. Bingo Liner UK is completely different to any thing else in the online bingo world at the moment.
Bingo Liner UK offers 'virtual reality bingo' - it's just like a real life bingo hall. Your 'virtual self' walks around, chooses a table to sit at, talks to other players at the table.... It is just sooooooo different.

They also have fantastic 3-Reel, 5-Reel Slots and Video Poker. The Slots all have progressive Jackpot ready to burst ranging from £8000 to £15000.

Bingo Liner UK offer table games like no other site as well as 2 happy hours per day with minimum pots of £60 and reload bonuses of up to 50% !!
Bingo Liner UK's software is download only, but takes a very short time to get onto your PC. Bingo Liner UK looks very different to any other bingo game and takes a while to get used to. You'll need to take a while to acquaint yourself with the workings of the site.

The first thing that you should direct your 'virtual self' up the stairs, into your chosen room and select yourself a table to sit at. Once you've sat down, you can start playing. By clicking PLAY in between games.

Whilst playing you have an overview of your table and the three other player sitting with you. Your cards appear above your table and the game window includes all the usuals; game shape, current number, prize, jp, balls called, # of balls called. Card purchase is done between games only, by
But the really unique part of the Bingo Liner UK game is when it comes to chat. Yes there's a space to type your chat, but when you press send, the chat appears as a speech bubble above your icon. COOL !!! This form of chat really gives you the feeling that you're talking with the rest of the people at your table. And it's probably the reason why chat games at Bingo Liner, like the 'Big Night In', are so much fun.

We've always had great fun when we we've played at Bingo Liner. The gang there are really welcoming and very helpful.
Any new player that signs up to Bingo Liner UK automatically gets 15 free bingo cards (£3.73) and 2 Free Slots pulls (50p) to start playing at the site. Once you've spent your free cash, there's a sign-up bonus of up to 100% on your first purchase.

Join Bingo liner and get 15 Free Bingo Cards.